EU Export controlled

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Control numbers have been changed for exports of dried apricots and apricot kernels to EU countries. Apricot exporters should be more careful about sulfur dioxide in order not to increase the number of returned lots due to sulfur dioxide.
Letter from the Ministry of Commerce;
- In the context of the implementation of Regulation 882/2004/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on increasing official controls on the import of certain feeds and foods of non-animal origin in the European Union (EU), amending the Commission Regulation No 669/2009/EC, a copy of which is attached. Commission Implementing Regulation No. 2019/1249/EU, published in the EU Official Journal dated 23 July 2019 and numbered L 195,
- Within the scope of the aforementioned legislative amendment, the addition of processed apricot kernels originating in our country to the Annex I of the aforementioned Regulation due to the cyanide hazard, the determination of the control frequency for the products in question at the rate of 50%, and the control frequency of the export of our country's dried apricots to the EU from 20% in terms of sulfide risk. It is reported that it has been decided to reduce it to 10%.