Vision & Mission

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Our Mission

• To support the development of our employees,
• To facilitate our members' access to Exchange services,
• To create awareness regarding the needs of our members before the relevant parties and to develop capacity in this regard,
• To contribute to the development of the traceability network,
• To support the mutual cooperation of our stakeholders with each other,
It is our mission to educate, raise awareness, technical support, lobby, network, monitor, research, report and publish.

Our Vision

           In the development of economic and social development policies in the region that meet all the needs and expectations of members and employees.

To be a stock exchange that plays a role and constantly increases its service diversity in line with the needs and expectations of its members.

Our Corporate Values

We are sensitive to the expectations of our members and other stakeholders

we are honest

We are respectful

We are hardworking

We care about privacy

We do not marginalize

We love our job

          We are accountable for all your activities.