Our Policies

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Our quality policy

= As Malatya Commodity Exchange, in line with the principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality;

  • By providing a laboratory environment with stock exchange services that meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 International Standards, within the framework of good professional and technical practice principles
  • To carry out our measurements according to national or international standards using devices with traceability, to provide results that are constantly reliable,
  • To provide services in accordance with national and internationally accepted standards in our activities, subject to laws, regulations and circulars,
  • To provide services of ever-increasing quality that can meet the needs of our customers within the scope of our services,
  • To effectively implement the management system principles prepared on the basis of the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Standard in order to provide reliable results, with the participation of all personnel,
  • To serve with sufficient, competent and reliable personnel who know and apply the requirements of the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Standard, use the documentation correctly,
  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment for the personnel,
  • To ensure that our personnel are not exposed to any internal and external influences that may affect their decisions and that they understand their responsibilities,
  • Your service; To ensure that customer information is provided accurately, impartially, quickly and reliably, by adhering to the principle of confidentiality,

We declare and undertake to continuously improve and develop by keeping the education of all our personnel high in quality management system and technical issues. Ramazan ÖZCAN Chairman of the Board of Directors  

Our Financial Policy

      Within the framework of the powers and responsibilities given by the law numbered 5174;

= To ensure that the revenues obtained from the members are used for the benefit of the members

= Developing strategies to manage financial risks

= Creating an instant reportable financial structure

= To use financial resources in the most effective way with savings measures and to implement effective methods in fund management 

Our Human Resources Policy

= To carry out studies to strengthen the belonging of the personnel

= Increasing employee satisfaction and qualification

= Evaluating the suggestions from the staff, implementing the possible ones and making maximum use of the common mind formed in this way

= Keeping motivation high by developing a reward system

Our Member Relations Policy

= To carry out lobbying activities that will enable our members to solve their professional problems and improve their business

= Organizing training programs that will add value to our members

= To provide consultancy services to our members on the issues they need

= Organizing events that enable our members to mingle with the stock market and other members

= To continuously improve the quality of the service provided to our members

Our Communications Media Management Policy

  • To adapt to the communication methods preferred by our members
  • Making the most of written, visual and social media
  • Carrying out studies to increase the awareness of the stock market
  • To ensure that all news about the stock market are announced in a timely and impartial manner.
  • To provide added value to our members by providing data such as economic reports, business statistics, investment opportunities related to our fields of activity.

Our Information Technologies Policy

  • To provide our members with information about stock market activities with a user-friendly website.
  • To follow the current technology and to carry out studies in order to bring it to the stock market and its members
  • Increasing service quality by updating existing equipment according to needs
  • Making corporate information sustainable with the backup system
  • Developing preventive actions to ensure information security

Privacy and Impartiality Policy

In the internal and external services we provide in Malatya Commodity Exchange Central and Branch Laboratories;

  • All the information and work we obtain will be subject to the rules of confidentiality and impartiality,
  • All confidential information and registration rights of Malatya Commodity Exchange Central and Branch Laboratory customers will be protected,
  • Duties will be fulfilled without considering feelings, thoughts and assumptions,
  • In the provision of the service, it may adversely affect the quality of the work done; We will not engage in any commercial, financial or administrative activities that may harm our independence, impartiality, and objectivity in our decision-making and work,
  • Employees will not be pressured in any way in reporting the measurement results at any stage of the services provided, and employees will be protected against all kinds of internal and external influences and pressures,
  • Within the scope of the work done, all information belonging to members and customers, their property and proprietary rights will be protected within the framework of the principle of confidentiality, and every measure will be taken to keep them confidential and protect them,

I accept and declare that all personnel will be informed in a timely and appropriate manner about the administrative measures that can be taken in matters deemed necessary for this purpose. Ramazan ÖZCAN Chairman of the Board of Directors



As Malatya Commodity Exchange; Within the scope of TS ISO 10002 standard, with a customer-oriented perspective, with Quality Management System

In order to serve the principle of harmonious continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, customer demands and complaints are subject to laws and

in accordance with customer conditions, in line with the principle of confidentiality, transparency, accessibility, in an impartial and fair manner as soon as possible.

We are evaluating. It is our customer satisfaction policy to encourage and expand quality service by acting with the feedback of our members and employees.