Message from the President

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Dear members,
He showed us on the way we set out to serve the apricot producers and traders of Malatya.
We are constantly working to be worthy of your trust. As you know
One of the functions of exchanges is to bring order to the activities of their members, and another duty is to bring order.
To produce solutions to all kinds of problems of its members. In this sense, as Malatya Commodity Exchange,
I think we are at the forefront of the stock exchanges that do their job properly in Turkey. MTB I think
It is one of the best Stock Exchanges in Turkey.
However, one of the features that makes MTB different and distinguishes it from others in its 50-year history is that it
He always sought an answer to the question of what can I do differently by not being content with the homework given.
We continue to produce projects to achieve better and more beautiful.
Today, all these concepts are no longer valid. Technology is not just wealth
it also finds a place in the middle of our lives as a way of life.
Entrepreneurs are now tremendously changing their business life with the blessings of a good idea and technology.
changing, beautifying and taking it to new dimensions.
It is a place where all the known memorizations about trade are broken one by one and artificial intelligence products come to the fore.
First of all, we have to accept that. One day in commercial markets if we don't renew ourselves
we will surely be defeated. For this reason, this technology-oriented change and development trend must be included.
we must take place.
At this point, we need much more investment in technology, R&D and innovation in order to reach our 2023 goals.
We need to focus more. In this context, we, as Malatya Commodity Exchange, are in our own lane.
We will continue to make new projects for our members.
In short, the trade that our ancestors made centuries ago with camel caravans is now computers and computers.
done via phones. We are a nation familiar with trade and its historical evolution. that's enough
Let's show our sensitivities in this matter and provide the necessary opportunities to our entrepreneurs.
Ramazan ÖZCAN