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Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse Communiqué explained

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03-13-2019 - 03-13-2019
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A meeting was held in Malatya Commodity Exchange (MTB) regarding the Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse Communiqué and dried apricot quality criteria, classification procedures and principles.
At the meeting held at the Malatya Commodity Exchange Meeting Hall, the licensed warehousing system, the determination of the quality of agricultural products that can be stored and standardized for a long time by authorized classification laboratories, their storage in warehouses with modern infrastructure, and the trade of these products through product bills representing the ownership of the product were discussed. Providing information on the subject, MTB President Ramazan Özcan said, "The legal infrastructure necessary for the implementation of the aforementioned system in the dried apricot product has been established with the Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse Communiqué, which was published in the Official Gazette dated April 12, 2013 and numbered 28616, pursuant to the Agricultural Products Licensed Warehousing Law No. 5300. The aforementioned Communiqué covers the minimum qualifications required to be found in licensed warehouses where dried apricots will be stored, the procedures and principles regarding the execution of storage services, and other issues regarding licensed warehousing activities for dried apricots. A draft has been prepared to amend the Licensed Warehouse Communiqué. In relation to the issue, changes regarding the storage and acceptance of apricots into the warehouse and the maximum storage period of apricots are included.