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Critical Points of Calf and Fattening Cattle Nutrition” seminar was held

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04-26-2019 - 04-26-2019
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A seminar on 'Critical Points of Calf and Fattening Cattle Nutrition' was held in cooperation with Malatya Commodity Exchange and Proyem.
Speaking before the seminar held at the Commodity Exchange, MTB Chairman of the Board Ramazan Özcan stated that Turkey lags behind world standards in animal husbandry, dairy production and calf rearing and said, “This is the reproach of all of us, to the political will and the central government to do better, to produce the best, to raise the bar in production. We are constantly talking about bringing it to a better point by raising it. In this regard, Malatya is a candidate to be the center of the region in the most important animal husbandry, production, slaughter and dairy farming. In this regard, he has seriously raised the bar. It has become the most important center of the region in dairy and cattle breeding and calf breeding. Malatya will continue to be the region's most important hub in animal husbandry. Small and large, it went up to over 400 thousand. They are trying to use the support and opportunities provided by the representatives of the central government here and the ministry at the maximum level in this regard," he said.
Reminding that Minister of Agriculture Bekir Pakdemir announced a support premium for milk production during his visit to Malatya, Özcan said, “Now, our government has announced another support premium of approximately 150 million TL in red meat production. One of the biggest problems of our producers is the desire to benefit more quickly from the opportunities provided by TMO in animal husbandry. We are doing our best in this regard. Our goal is to transform TMO's agency office in Malatya into a Branch Office. If we do this, I hope it will be much better for this region and for the city. One of the needs of the region, we need a laboratory here. We had an application to Turgut Özal University regarding both feed analysis and analysis of all animal products. We demanded the opening of a Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the university. In a newly established laboratory in OSB, products can be analyzed here. We also made an application to the Fırat Development Agency regarding the milk reports of Malatya.”
After the opening speech, Prof. Dr. İsmet Türkmen presented information to the participants about “Critical Points of Calf and Fattening Cattle Nutrition”.
Türkmen stated that diarrhea cases were the first problems they saw in the field and said, “When an animal has diarrhea, they first ask if there is a problem in the feeds when they come to us. There are 4 reasons for diarrhea in calves. These are caused by Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and Milk. Diarrhea, which we focus on the most, is caused by bacteria and viruses. Because they are lethal. Even in the simplest diarrhea, people try to find a cure for it with an antibiotic in their hands, and as a result, we come here. We only use antibiotics for diarrhea with bacteria. Apart from that, there is no benefit to using antibiotics in other diarrheas, plus there are harms. Diarrhea occurs in calves between the ages of 2 and 6, it may be a parasite, not a bacteria. Antibiotics do not help. It does not kill the calf during diarrhea, but it is worse than killing it. Do you know what the biggest cause of diarrhea is food loss. If a person with diarrhea has diarrhea for a long time, if an animal with diarrhea has diarrhea for a long time, the result will be a lack of nutrients. What is a nutritional deficiency, not getting enough vitamins, not getting enough iron, not getting enough zinc," he said.
Proyem official Dr. Stating that they are among the important feed producers in Turkey, Mücahit Palaz said, “We have a farm called Research and Development. We are actively using this facility here. We try the products ourselves first. We do not put any product on the market without trying it ourselves. Because we need to be sure about this product first. Our aim here is to be useful to our producers. Here we look not only at feed types, but also at feeding patterns. We host our farmers in the nearby geography here and continue their training programs in our farm. If we have farmers who want to receive training from the region, we can organize a 10-day training program here for a week through our president.”
Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Oğuzhan Ata Sadıkoğlu, Malatya Agriculture Platform President İhsan Akın, Agricultural Chambers Coordinator Yunus Kılıç and farmers attended the seminar.