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The 6th Application Call period has started within the scope of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (ARDSI) IPARD-II Program. The details of the call announcement were included in the press release made by the ARDSI Malatya Provincial Coordinator.


In the press statement made by the ARDSI Malatya Provincial Coordinatorship, a total of 60 million Euros of support will be provided in 42 provinces, including Malatya. ”was said. In the statement, it was emphasized that the grant support for Malatya is 55% and there is VAT exemption for both construction and machinery equipment. It has been reported that online applications will start on July 8 and end on August 20.

The sectors to be supported under the title of “Diversification of Farm Activities and Business Development” are given as follows:

Diversification of Herbal Production and Processing and Packaging of Herbal Products

Ornamental Plants and Flower Bulbs
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (List is attached)
Mushroom and Mycelium
Seedling and Sapling
Production, Processing and Packaging of Beekeeping and Bee Products

Honey and Other Beekeeping Products
Processing and Packaging of Honey and Other Beekeeping Products
Craftsmanship and Local Product Businesses

Craftsmanship (List is attached)
Value Added Products (List is attached)


Rural Tourism and Recreation Activities

Accommodation Facilities
Food and Beverage Facilities
Recreation Facilities
Accommodation and Food and Beverage Facilities
Accommodation and Recreation Facilities
Food & Beverage and Recreation Facilities
Accommodation, Food & Beverage and Recreation Facilities

?Cultural Fishing (Trout, carp, catfish, crayfish, frog, algae, pike perch, perch, pike, tilapia, sturgeon, European eel, bridle (catfish) (Carias Lazera), American Catfish)
Machine Parks

Machine Parks (All non-motorized agricultural equipment)
Renewable Energy Investments

Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants
Concentrated Solar Power Plants
Wind Power Plants
Biomass Power Plants
Geothermal Power Plants
Micro Cogeneration Systems
In the press release, it was stated that "Grants will be given in construction, machinery equipment and project preparation in a number of sectors. Sector-based calls are generally made once a year and the applications will continue until the last week of August." It was emphasized that the website can be visited for more information.